California Goldminer

When was the last time you saw great advertising done for a loaf of bread?  This category needed a shot in the arm.  That was our goal.  


For California Goldminer Sourdough, we were given a simple task. Launch a completely unknown sourdough bread, with a budget that would hardly cover a lunch meeting at Pepperidge Farm. And do it in Arizona, a market already saturated with sourdough brands.

What could get the attention of all those folks in Aisle 4? Our hard-to-miss out of home, point of sale, digital and social campaign.

Goldminer’s Sourdough is based on a 120-year old recipe, and still uses the original sourdough starter.

The quality. The tradition. The goldminers who look like extras from Blazing Saddles.

What is unique about Goldminer sourdough, is it’s actually baked fresh daily, right in the store. Consumers won’t find it in the bread aisle—rather it’s in the bakery section.

So we did what all challenger brands do: we cheated! Well, not exactly. But colorful hang tags directed folks who wanted really fresh taste to head out of the bread aisle, to the bakery, where another floor talker welcomed them.

A digital campaign extended the message online. And our social strategy brought it all home.

Would our unknown brand get into the hearts and minds—and more importantly, the shopping carts—of Arizonians?

The answer was a resounding yes.



Our media campaign delivered over 20 million impressions in the Phoenix market over the course of three months.


By the end, sales were up, year-over-year, by 13% overall—up by 20% at Fry’s Supermarkets alone.


Household penetration was up 7.9%, year over year.


The campaign drew 24% new users, either by migrating folks from other brands or by introducing them to sourdough, a crucial result to track in the habit-driven CPG world.

All in all, it’s proof that with the right creative and media, even a crusty old Goldminer can make a lasting impression in the Arizona landscape.

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