Yeah, we have thoughts.

We’ve had clients say nice things about us. Even call us ”great.” Which makes us feel good. But we’ve tried to understand what might be behind this. Here’s what we came up with.

Our People Make Us Great.

We only hire really smart, genuine types who are passionate about what they do. You know, give a damn.

Our Clients Make Us Great.

They treat us as partners, not vendors. They aspire to create content that is industry-leading. Or just plain leading-leading.

Our Asking ”Why?“ Makes Us Great.

It’s not that we’re contrarian per se.  But there are times when it’s good to question the givens.  Like when people say B2B advertising is always boring. Or, Lite beer tastes okay.  Sorry. No. We just can’t accept that.

Our Belief That There’s More To Work Than Work Makes Us Great.

We spend long hours here. More than with our families sometimes.  So we try to keep it interesting. Work, yes.  But add to that heaps of laughter and stories.  And the knowledge that you’re surrounded by people that have your back.

Our View That Content Should Be Great Makes Us Great.

We get out of bed to make the audience care, dammit. We hope you feel the same way.