WebEx needed to steal the show. Without a booth. Across the globe. In four weeks.

Mobile World Congress and CeBit are two of the world’s largest tradeshows. With less than a month to go, the Cisco WebEx team called us. Could we help them make a big splash?

In days, we came up with the solve: #WebExToTheRescue.

Our intrepid personal assistants hit the floors, equipped with the necessities to help attendees survive the shows: aspirin, blister pads, snacks, phone chargers, restaurant recommendations—you name it.

By giving attendees a hand, we demonstrated WebEx’s brand promise: giving small business a leg up. In return, all we asked for was a mention in social media.

Requests poured in on Twitter. The guerilla effort generated over 100k engagements, 3 million impressions, and thousands of smiles (and installs), all exceeding the client’s expectations.

Disruptive creative that meets a need, delivering on the brand promise? #WeBroughtIt




CureSeq is a biotech startup in the precision oncology space. By sequencing tumors, and identifying the exact kind of cancer at their core, drugs can be identified which virtually guarantee effective treatment.

It’s a remarkable story—which they are telling with WebEx, opening doors in clinics and hospitals around the globe. Which in turn, is helping thousands of cancer patients.

This mini documentary became the basis for an integrated content campaign, using paid, earned and owned media.

Apologies to Mike Judge, but we may have found a company which actually makes the world a better place.


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