Project: Agency of Record

Hiring School of Thought was the least safe decision I’ve ever made, and the most professionally rewarding. They are never yes men…and you never get the b-team. I highly recommend them.

—Matthew Curtis, Director of Brand Communication & Strategy.

Milliman is the billion-dollar consulting company you’ve never heard of. But you should know them, because their exceptional consultants are transforming business with math and statistics.

Eight years ago, we began telling their story with short documentaries and dramatic print and display ads. Internally, the campaign has led to a cultural shift within the typically modest firm. Outside, competitors and C-level audiences are sitting up and taking note—and hearing footsteps.

Our distinctive strategy, media, and creative have captured the attention of B2B decision makers across the globe. We’ve produced content on dozens of key topics, ranging from self-driving cars and micro-insurance, to business transformation and interviews with Steve Eisman of The Big Short.

Our Milliman display campaigns—rich media, mobile, pre-roll, in-app—have repeatedly been #1 in the business category. In fact, in 2015, our ads were the second most effective campaign by our ad-serving partner—in all categories.

Over the course of our eight-year relationship, the confidence and assertiveness of our campaign has been reflected in the culture of the company itself. It takes vision, indeed.

Agents of Change

Milliman’s consultants use objective analysis, backed by math and science, to evaluate risk. Their strategies helped insurance companies survive the precipitous crash of the Great Recession.

As part of our ongoing thought leadership series, we interviewed Steve Eisman, the character featured front and center in Michael Lewis’ book about the recession, The Big Short.



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